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My Life as a Movie

Zack said the other day that living with me is like living with the Griswold’s. Maybe it’s because of the dishwasher incident. It wasn’t really my fault. (really, it wasn’t!) We ran out of detergent for the dishwasher and picked … Continue reading

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Flakes From the Sky

Remember when I complained about this snow? Well, I’m kind of missing it right now. Here’s what my commute to work looked like this morning: As I said, I’m a Californian. I don’t do snow. Last night my little convertible VW … Continue reading

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{Expletive} Snow!

Snow. I’m a Californian, which translates to ‘I don’t do snow’. In the small town that I grew up in we got roughly an inch of snow once a year and everything would shut down. No school, no work, no … Continue reading

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It’s a Slippery Slope

This morning was one of those perfect mornings. I woke up after a full nights sleep, not needing to hit the snooze even just once. Captain snuggled up to me and gave me some of his famous Captain kisses, and … Continue reading

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