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Save THIS for Later {Insert inappropriate gesture here}

I’m running to the vending machine as fast as my little feet will carry me, adrenaline pumping as I think of the treasure I’m about to plunder. Hands shaking I slip the coins in, each ‘plunk’ as satisfying as the … Continue reading

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My Life as a Movie

Zack said the other day that living with me is like living with the Griswold’s. Maybe it’s because of the dishwasher incident. It wasn’t really my fault. (really, it wasn’t!) We ran out of detergent for the dishwasher and picked … Continue reading

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A Momentous Occasion

It started out the most glorious day of my life. School had just started again after summer break and I was in the 1st grade, no longer the youngest in the school. It was a Friday, which meant half-day at … Continue reading

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How Cool am I?

I’m ridiculously obsessed with my new vacuum. I’m not an appliance girl. I think it has something to do with my whole distain of housework thing. But this new vacuum, it’s amazing. It lifts out and has a hardwood floor … Continue reading

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Airing My Dirty Laundry

When I moved to Sacramento last year, I moved in with Zack and his sister, Jenn. Zack often worked out of town and that left Jenn and I to fend for ourselves. Things that went wrong around the house (broken toilet, faulty … Continue reading

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What’s My Age Again?

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when they realize that they are getting older. It may be that time you wore that cute dress and found yourself crossing paths with much younger girl who wore it…well, as it was intended to … Continue reading

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The Story of the Loss of My Dog’s Innocence

Amber & Captain, 2010 When Captain was a puppy I went on vacation and my parents were forced volunteered to watch him. Captain was pretty young and I hadn’t neutered him yet, but seeing as how he had just reached the … Continue reading

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