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Good Morning and a Good Day

It’s going to be a good day. I was running late this morning. While on my way to work I was following two cars that were teetering just under the speed limit. You know when they’re not going fast enough for … Continue reading

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D as in Douche

One thing I loathe about my job is giving people directions. You would be amazed how many people will start driving in the general direction of the company I work at then call and request turn-by-turn directions as they drive. … Continue reading

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My Life as a Movie

Zack said the other day that living with me is like living with the Griswold’s. Maybe it’s because of the dishwasher incident. It wasn’t really my fault. (really, it wasn’t!) We ran out of detergent for the dishwasher and picked … Continue reading

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A Girl, A Boy, and A Dog

Forewarning: I typically post short, humorous, light posts. This one is a little different. You all remember Captain, right? Captain was my dog before Zack and I started dating. (I mean, he still is my dog… I’ve just had him since … Continue reading

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Lesson of the Day

Cops don’t like me. I’m not sure why. I mean, alright, so I do the occasional California stop. You know, where you slow down, look to make sure no one’s coming, and keep on cruising. And, ok, I did get … Continue reading

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Flakes From the Sky

Remember when I complained about this snow? Well, I’m kind of missing it right now. Here’s what my commute to work looked like this morning: As I said, I’m a Californian. I don’t do snow. Last night my little convertible VW … Continue reading

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A Love Affair

“Is my baby ok?” Zack asked, over the phone. How sweet, I thought. He really looks after me. “I’m fine, sweetie.” I replied. “I meant the truck.” Zack answered. Of course. I should have known he was referring to his … Continue reading

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