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Twice Upon a Time In Mexico

Read part one here. I was falling. I didn’t realize how tall the wave would be, or that I would have so much of a gut-in-my-throat sensation of free-fall. It was, dare I say, almost enjoyable. The moment ended in a snap … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time In Mexico

  As I stood in the sand, barefoot and looking out to the sea, I thought, ‘this can’t be right’. Standing next to me in board shorts and a sopping wet rash guard, Zack gripped my hand. “It’ll be fine”, … Continue reading

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Attack of the Telemarketers

The telemarketers are out somethin’ fierce today. I don’t mind the people who cold-call and are polite. I really don’t. Hey, everyone needs a job, and honestly I feel bad for them. Imagine having to call all those people every … Continue reading

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Randomness for the Weekend

Sometimes the oddest things make me laugh. In fact, every time I see this commercial I dissolve into giggles. But, come on. They’re dancing and rapping hamsters!

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Good Morning and a Good Day

It’s going to be a good day. I was running late this morning. While on my way to work I was following two cars that were teetering just under the speed limit. You know when they’re not going fast enough for … Continue reading

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Save THIS for Later {Insert inappropriate gesture here}

I’m running to the vending machine as fast as my little feet will carry me, adrenaline pumping as I think of the treasure I’m about to plunder. Hands shaking I slip the coins in, each ‘plunk’ as satisfying as the … Continue reading

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My Life as a Movie

Zack said the other day that living with me is like living with the Griswold’s. Maybe it’s because of the dishwasher incident. It wasn’t really my fault. (really, it wasn’t!) We ran out of detergent for the dishwasher and picked … Continue reading

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