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Unnecessary Tears

It’s interesting to look back at life, at all the choices that you’ve made and remember why they were so important at the time. Certain things that were vital seem… well, they seem ridiculous, now. The winter after I turned … Continue reading

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Head Over Heels (In Ice Cold Water)

How did you first know that you were in love? Zack and I went to Lake Tahoe together for my birthday last year. It was September. The summer was coming to an end as fall took its grasp through means … Continue reading

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A Girl, A Boy, and A Dog

Forewarning: I typically post short, humorous, light posts. This one is a little different. You all remember Captain, right? Captain was my dog before Zack and I started dating. (I mean, he still is my dog… I’ve just had him since … Continue reading

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Thumbnail Thursday

Sometimes a picture is all you need.

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Adam Sandler, Ranjeet, and an Ocean Motif

Zack and I are going to the most romantic place on earth for Valentine’s Day: Reno. Oh wait, Reno’s the biggest little city in the world, not the most romantic… drat. Kidding aside, we’re going to Reno over the weekend with … Continue reading

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