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Hi, I’m Amber and I spill Things

Do I have a sign on my forehead that says, ‘Hi, I’m Amber. I spill things’? I mean, I know that as a general rule I am a messy person. Ok, so I’m an extremely messy person. As in, yes that … Continue reading

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Proof My Car Hates Me

Is it just me or has Starbucks gotten a little… creepy lately? This morning was one of those rare but wonderful mornings where I had time to go to Starbucks before work. I headed over to the one near my … Continue reading

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The Dance Contest

Did I ever tell you about the time that Zack and I entered a dance contest? Zack and I have two things in common: We love to shake our booties on the dance floor, and we can both be painfully … Continue reading

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My Dog is a Dirty, Rotten Traitor

Captain told on me last night. We have a secret, the two of us. See, since he’s the worst shedder in the history of dogs that shed (I’m not kidding. Don’t even try to tell me your dog/cat/husband sheds more. … Continue reading

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Dirty Little Secrets

This is my confessional post. Come on, you know you have stuff to ‘fess up to, too. I don’t mind dropping $180 on a nice pair of jeans, but I buy my bras at Target. Whenever I see that $60 … Continue reading

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Attack of the Telemarketers

The telemarketers are out somethin’ fierce today. I don’t mind the people who cold-call and are polite. I really don’t. Hey, everyone needs a job, and honestly I feel bad for them. Imagine having to call all those people every … Continue reading

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D as in Douche

One thing I loathe about my job is giving people directions. You would be amazed how many people will start driving in the general direction of the company I work at then call and request turn-by-turn directions as they drive. … Continue reading

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